We use the official domestic competition regulations presented by USA Volleyball for all levels of volleyball in the United States for the 2017 season including the following :

  • Any player signing in after 9:00AM or the official published start time will be deemed LATE and charged a $5.00 late charge, no exceptions. 
  • New under rule applies
  • New net rule applies.
  • Libero's in any format CAN serve for one player.
  • After first ball of the day is served all rosters are locked, no changes, no exception.
  • Whistles are required for both up and down referees.
  • All work teams must supply up and down refs, two line referees and scorekeeper.
  • Both up and down refs are required to use whistles for all calls.
  • Co-ed Six's: (min. 2 females on court at all times; teams may start/play with only 1 female but will forfeit 3 points/game).
  • Co-ed Six's: Teams that use a Female libero must have three qualified rostered female players at the event.  
    There must be at least two rostered females on the court at all times and no more then four male players on the court at all times.
  • A or AA tournaments only:  Team playing with one female player ghost position losing a point every time the ghost comes around for service.
  • Absolutely no "AA" players are not allowed to play in B or BB level tournaments.
  • All games are played using rally scoring.
  • Warm-ups are five minutes between rounds no more or less.
  • The use of any electronic devices while refereeing is prohibited, anyone caught using a electronic device while referring will be removed
  • from the gym and not invited to play to future VBLI tournaments.
  • During regular pool play all 4 team pools will play two (2) games to 25, cap 27
  • During regular pool play all 5 team pools will play two (2) games to 25, cap 27.
  • Seating is based on and in the following and in the same order: Total wins, head to head, head to head points, over all tournament point differential.
  • Semi finals are single elimination, (1) game to 25, no cap.
  • Finals are best of three games. First and second games are to 25 points, third game to 15 points, no cap. 

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