2018 / 2019 VBLI Membership Application:

To become an VBLI member you have to complete the online Membership Registration Process.

Once paid you will receive a PayPal transaction number which will be your temporary membership number until your VBLI number is assigned.

You will be required to provide this information at all VBLI events until you receive your actual membership information. Membership fee is only $15.00 online or $20.00 at the event site.

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Players DOB, (MM/DD/YYYY):

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By submitting this form you acknowledge that the player listed above is participating in VBLI event at their own risk and hereby agree to hold harmless the tournament site owners, the hosting associations, its directors, and the sponsors, from all claims, demands, costs, damages, injuries, litigation, losses, and liability arising out of or relating to the participation in any volleyball event.